Mini luxe boo box 👻

Mini luxe boo box 👻

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🎃 Boo Box Menu 🎃



💚Gooey green caramel cornflake brownie💚


One of your faves with a lil halloween makeover, triple chocolate brownie drenched in caramel cornflakes


🍎 Toffee apple crumble blondie 🍎


Homemade toffee sauce and apple compote ripples through out signature vanilla blondie topped with all butter crumble


🎃 Pumpkin spiced cheesecake brownie 🎃

Triple chocolate brownie with chunks of ginger biscuits topped with swirls of pumpkin spiced baked vanilla cheesecake


🍓 Strawb n scream blondie 🍓


Strawberry and white chocolate blondie topped with creamy white chocolate, tangy freeze dried straw does and a strawberry filled white chocolate skull 💀


🔥 Nutella s’mores brownie 🔥


Butter biscuit base, thick gooey brownie topped with torched homemade marshmallow cream, drizzled with Nutella


🩸 Bloody billionaire blondie 🩸


White chocolate chunk blondie topped with red caramel, white chocolate and blood* splatters (not real blood, apparently that’s frowned upon)


🕷 Cookies n scream brownie 🕷


Triple choc brownie topped with cookies and cream spread and a spider oreo


👸🏼 Goth Princess blondie👸🏼


Pink blondie topped with white chocolate ganache and the cutest sprinkles Ive seen since #sprinklegate 2k21. These ones are legal tho 🤗


💀 Golden skull brownie 💀


Signature triple chocolate brownie topped with belgian milk chocolate ganache and a homemade gold chocolate skull.


All boo boxes come with gold Happy Halloween charm, orange lindt lindor, homemade meringue ghosts, pumpkin marshmallows and as many halloween sweets we can possibly fit in.




£2 delivery Darlington

£4 delivery Hurworth, Middleton St. George and Newton aycliffe.