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Mixed weekly box

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Tonights drop is for deliveries tomorrow; Friday and Saturday - the perfect ‘Thank fuck January is almost over’ pick me up 💃🏼 🥂 🙌🏻


Available from 8pm via the website.


NEW -🍫 Brownie Points ‘Twix’ 🍫

Buttery shortbread base; signature triple chocolate brownie, homemade silky caramel and creamy milk chocolate ganache. 4 layers of decadence; we do not do things by halves round here 👐🏼


NEW 🍋 Lemon cheesecake swirl blondie 🍋

You voted for her your hundreds so we made it happen; signature white chocolate blondie with swirls of baked vanilla cheesecake and tangy lemon curd finished with callebaut white chocolate chips


NEW 🍊Chocolate orange honeycomb crunch brownie 🍊

Signature brownie with swirls of orange curd is topped with a thick layer of terrys orange truffle, finished with chocolate coated honeycomb nibbles. Texture perfection 🤌🏼


NEW 🇫🇷 Crème caramel blondie 🇫🇷

Up there with my fave blondie creations of all time cos I’m obsessed with caramel as I am with hendricks. Custard infused blondie topped with caramelised gold chocolate ganache and homemade buttery caramel sauce.


NEW 🥜 Fluffernutter brownie 🥜

Inspired by america’s super popular sandwich! signature triple chocolate brownie with swirls of reeses peanut butter, toasted marshmallow cream and finished with reeses peanut butter cups. Trust me on this; it so so works! This one is especially good warmed up; add a scoop of spice cream and bang; you’ve got a dessert you’d be paying 8 quid for in a restaurant 🌝


💖 Raspberry cornflake tart blondie 💖

Our OGs little sister is back; a raspberry version of our best selling blondie to date


Deliveries are 5-8pm on your chosen day; please ensure someone is in or leave a note for a safe place to leave. If you need to change your address please email